Getting Things Started

The Beginning
The idea behind Seedling first came about during an oil change in the garage. We keep a log in the form of a spreadsheet of all work that is done to our cars. It includes dates and mileage among other notations. That got us thinking about applying something similar to our vegetable gardens. It would be a great way to note the progress of the plants and learn from successes and failures year over year.

We started searching around for web based garden logs or journals and surprisingly, there wasn’t much out there. A few people had posted printable journal pages that could be manually compiled into physical notebooks. There were one or two related web apps that came up but they were either grossly underdeveloped or unbelievably disjointed and complicated.

So we set out to create an app that was functional, yet elegantly simple. Here are some of our features:


Logs & Milestones
Seedling allows you to log the progress of your plants by recording milestones such as height, yield counts, fertilizer applications and more. Eventually you’ll be able create your own custom milestone types.

Milestone form elements

Photos are a big part of Seedling. We encourage you to upload lots of photos of your plants as they grow. What better way to record their activity?

Graphs & Analytics
Graphs are a powerful way to track your plants’ growth, not only during the season, but year after year. As you enter data day after day, the app will create these for you.

Graph your plants' progress

Everyone’s plants are available for others to see, follow along with, and comment on. Learn and share with locals or people around the world.

Seedling has been a lot of fun to build. We hope you’ll find it useful. Also, we love feedback, so feel free to drop us a line at any time:

In the coming weeks we’ll be posting more in-depth descriptions of the features listed above. Bookmark us and visit again soon.

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