The Main Event: Logging Plant Progress

We’ve designed the Seedling log interface in a way that should be familiar to people that take part in sites like Twitter and Facebook. That was purposefully done to give a familiarity to the data entry process. We thought the quicker a user can start using the app, the better the experience is going to be.

Plant milestones

The log itself is made up of individual entries that are customizable by the user. Log entries are displayed in a list format with the newest entries at the top of the page. We thought about a spreadsheet-like interface among others, but to be honest, we didn’t want to start looking like a suite of office software.

No spreadsheets here.

The entry process is going to remain pretty simple. We’ll provide a few default entry types like Yield, Water, and Fertilizer. Ultimately we want the user to define the entry, so we’ll be giving you the ability to create your own entry types. Once you create an entry type, it will be available in your dropdown list for future use across all your plant logs.

Milestone entry types

Photos will also be added just like any other entry type. (More on photos, soon.)

In addition to photos, each entry will have an option for notes. So if you add a fertilizer entry you can note the brand and amount that was applied.

Other users will be able to comment on each of your entries.

We expect to send out preview invite emails, shortly. If you haven’t already, sign up for an early preview of the site over at