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So long for now

Seedling has officially been taken offline. Thanks to everyone who spent time with the application uploading your photos and posting your updates. While there was never a large user base associated with Seedling, building the application was a great learning experience for me. Feedback was always positive, but the marketing effort for the application never [...]

The Main Event: Logging Plant Progress

We’ve designed the Seedling log interface in a way that should be familiar to people that take part in sites like Twitter and Facebook. That was purposefully done to give a familiarity to the data entry process. We thought the quicker a user can start using the app, the better the experience is going to [...]

Getting Things Started

The Beginning The idea behind Seedling first came about during an oil change in the garage. We keep a log in the form of a spreadsheet of all work that is done to our cars. It includes dates and mileage among other notations. That got us thinking about applying something similar to our vegetable gardens. [...]